Industrial Roof Repair in Colombia City and Fort Wayne, IN

Roof of a commercial building
December 21, 2022

Your commercial roofing system will require professional repairs at some point due to old age, roof leaks, debris, or improper installation. When it does happen, have your commercial roof repaired soon to prevent further damage and costly damages to your inventory and assets. With time, the damages may get out of hand, causing significant property damage and health hazards. 

Fortunately, you can prevent most of these problems by getting your roof repaired as soon as possible. So, keep reading to learn more about industrial roofing repairs in Colombia City and Fort Wayne, IN.

A man holding a tool while repairing an industrial roof

When Does Your Industrial Roof Need Repair?

It is always advisable to call for professional industrial roof repair whenever you notice an issue. Common commercial roof issues you might encounter at one point or another include:

  • Roof Leaks

If left unattended, roof leaks can damage your property, assets, and inventory. They can also disrupt normal business operations. Failure to address the leak can also lead to various safety hazards. Our industrial roofing repair experts specialize in commercial roof restoration and waterproofing. They will use their in-depth knowledge and experience to restore your existing flat industrial membrane, slopped industrial membrane, metal roof, or tar roof.

  • Roof Top Punctures

When a rooftop puncture occurs, the potential for catastrophic and costly damage becomes a risk. If left unchecked, roof punctures can also result in equipment damage, slip and fall accidents, loss of production, fire hazards, or even death. Let our experienced and knowledgeable industrial roofers at Premier Commercial Roofing repair the punctures right away to prevent costly consequences.

  • Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause roof leaks and permanent damage. Call our industrial roofers immediately if you notice color changes, surface pitting, and melting. We will inspect your rooftop immediately to check for hail damage.

  • Shrinkage

Shrinkage occurs when the polyethylene film on top of your roof is damaged. Usually, shrinkage occurs due to improper installation, heat, or cold, forcing the roof to contract and shrink. Our industrial roofers will conduct an in-depth inspection and repair your industrial roof.

  • Ridging and Splitting

In most cases, ridging and splitting occur when winds, hail, or storms hit your industrial roofing in a concentrated area. This extreme force can break and distort your industrial roofing. If that happens, let our experienced team use Conklin’s MR system to protect your industrial roof from the elements and prevent rust.

  • Blow Off

Unfortunately, heavy winds or heavy rain can blow off your industrial roof. Instead of suffering costly damages, let our industrial roofers repair it immediately.

Do You Need Dependable Industrial Roofing Repair?

An industrial roof repair is the best alternative if a complete installation or replacement is not a worthwhile investment. Our dependable industrial roofers will do an in-depth inspection to determine the issue. After that, we will work together to outline our approach to meet and exceed your expectations without disrupting your regular business operations.

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