Recent Projects

Metal Restoration Project in Wisconsin

This project was done in 8 Locations, 5 States ( Indiana, Michigan, NewYork, Wisconsin & Kentucky), approximately 116,555 Square Feet.

1. Pressure wash with a rust prohibitory
2. Repair or fasten any loose or damaged metal
3. Apply ENCASE, which also prohibits future rust
4. Kaulk any screws and Embed fabric into seams with a base coat.
5. Apply Puma XL top coat ( an elastomeric coating that has a 650 PSI rating) at 22 ml/ 2 Gallons per square foot.

Caliber Collision
A metal roof after restoration
A commercial roof after restoration
Commercial Roofing Project in Wisconsin

Roof Inspection and Minor Repairs at Amazon Fulfillment Center


5510 Flaugh Rd. Fort Wayne IN
This roof consists of 630,000 square feet.

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Commercial Roof
A Roofing Contractor during roof inspection
Roofing Issues found during inspection

Grain Bin Roofing Restoration

Top view of a Grain Bin Roof
Top view of a Grain Bin Roof

Barn Roofing Restoration

A restored barn roof
Professional roofers restoring a barn roof
A roofer working on a barn roofing project
Barn Roofing Restoration